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She had no fear of its spreading farther through his means. There were few people on whose secrecy she would…

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  • We're guessing that at some point in the life of your WordPress blog, you'll need to give another person access to your site—whether for troubleshooting, customization, or a site contributor helping with blog posts. Thankfully, you don’t have to share your personal login to give others access. Instead, we recommend creating a new user for each individual who needs to hop into your WP Dashboard. This allows the user to have their own personal login, and it also means that you can revoke access at any time simply by deleting the user, rather than having to change your personal password. To get started creating a new user profile, just click on the "Users" tab in your WordPress dashboard!

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A dinner party for friends

The Bennets were engaged to dine with the Lucases and again during the chief of the day was Miss Lucas…

How I started my blog

The discomposure of spirits which this extraordinary visit threw Elizabeth into, could not be easily overcome; nor could she, for…


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