• Here is an adorable photo of a pug in a beret. If it got you to stop and read this, help us out! 🤣 We're hard at work on two new themes, hopefully launching in late May or early June! We'd love feedback from you guys—what are some features you're looking for in your next theme? Anything that would make your blog life easier? We've been toying with the idea of integrating a "mini post" feature, so customers could write shorter form content that doesn't appear in a main blog feed. One of our new themes will also include a slider option. But what else do you want to see? Let us know in the comments! Our goal is to always be improving @empressthemes with input from our community, so we wanna hear from you!!! 😘 〰️ Photo of by @charlesdeluvio
  • Should you work with a brand for free? For the most part, we think the time you put into sponsored content—not to mention access to your audience—is worth something. But there are a few instances where it might make sense to feature a brand gratis. Check out our blog post on this topic with the link in our profile!
  • This week's mantra. 〰️ Inspiration via @thekindcalifornian
  • Our weekend vibes. Hope yours is a good one! 〰️ Photo via @emilybrunotte. Check out her unique Presidio customizations at!
  • Do page speed tests really matter for bloggers? Today on our blog, Lisa is breaking down why you shouldn't freak out over your PageSpeed Insights THAT much, and what steps you can take to ensure your site is loading quickly for your users. Check out the post with the link in our profile!
  • In blogging and in life—it's all in the details! 〰️ Image (and gorgeous styling!) via @theprimpysheep. Be sure to check out our Rania theme on her site!

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