Boutiques Plugin Guide

Click on any layout to see the Boutiques plugin in action!

Retailers layout >

(features multi-column link list of retailers at the top, with boutiques below)

Instashop layout >

(features optional Instashop/ feed at the top of the page, with boutiques below and a filter menu/retailer list on the left side)

Boutiques layout >

(features the boutique widgets only, with filter menu above)


The Boutiques plugin works with most WordPress themes, including all <em>press themes. The plugin features a number of layout options to choose from. And, you can apply the layouts to more than one static page on your blog, making it easy to create diverse shopping experiences for your readers, especially around seasonal events. All layouts include a filter menu for your rewardStyle or ShopStyle boutique widgets, so that multiple widgets can be featured on the same Shop page, without the page reloading or requiring multiple URLs. View all of the layouts our Boutiques plugin offers by hovering over the Boutiques Plugin button in the menu above. Or, click any of the quick links above.