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We recommend including pages on your site for a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, as it is a standard website ownership practice and one that can protect you.

Terms of Use/Service is typically legal copy that spells out the terms for individuals accessing the website. Privacy Policy language describes what you do with any information you collect on a website (in most bloggers’ cases, this includes email addresses or IP information; for e-commerce sites, obviously this can include address and payment info as well).

In both cases, you can have a lawyer draft the language for you, but this can be pricey. However, it’s the most surefire, airtight option. In many cases, our clients typically do a Google search for something like “free terms of use template” and you can find a number of sites that offer free templates that you can copy/paste and add in your own website name. One service we particularly like is UpCounsel, as the terms there have been reviewed by legit lawyers and are well done.

Please note that using free language found off any website is done at your own risk/discretion.

One thing to note is that you should NOT copy/paste legal language from another blog or website. Legal language can be subject to copyright, and if you take language from another blog, you never know if that person crossed their T’s and dotted their I’s when the language was written. Do not risk infringing on another’s copyright by taking language from their site!

Note that our advice herein is just a suggestion, we’re not legal professionals, and you should always consult a lawyer for matters related to the legal aspects of your blog/business.

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