Real Talk: Making friends after college

Adventures in dating when you live in the country

A dinner party for friends

Sister, Sister

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  • When it comes to blog and social media sponsors, should you ever work with a brand for free? Maybe! Today on dash, we're breaking down four instances in which it might be ok. Any others you would add? Pop over to and let us know!
  • End of the weekend got us like... 〰️ Photo via @viciloves
  • The @nordstrom Anniversary Sale kicks off today (well, the pre-sale at least). Are you guys promoting it on your blogs this year? Over on our blog, we shared a bunch of tips and tricks for how you can update our themes and plugins to showcase your fave sale picks on your sites. Check it out with the link in our profile! 〰️ Image via @thecreative_exchange
  • Yeah girl. 👊 〰️ Photo by @dana.mannarino
  • W A I T ! Don't scroll away just yet! We've gotten so many requests for simple CSS tutorials, and today's the big day — the first in our CSS Summer series is live on our blog! Learn what exactly CSS is and how you can use it to make simple style changes on your blog over at or with our link in profile.
  • Just the other day, we were talking about how pretty soon it's gonna be August which means Labor Day which means it's basically time to start thinking about the holidays. Then we reminded ourselves to slow down and enjoy the present — this Monday, these next five days in front of us, the remainder of the summer. The future will come fast enough. We hope this is a good reminder to revel in wherever you are, right this very second. 〰️ Photo by @jamakassi
  • Happy Fourth of July! Hope you're having a restful, pie-filled day celebrating America's birthday! 〰️ Photoa via @capturebylucy
  • Wise words for both you, AND your coffee. Happy Monday, friends! 〰️ Image by @themodernlifemrs

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